The Letter Method is considered by most to be the most popular proper ritual for succubus summoning. In this ritual the user writes a letter expressing his intentions for summoning a succubus and, normally after bleeding or cumming onto it, burns it. The ideal result is an immediate contact with his entity lover to be. While many have had strong results with the ritual, many also haven’t. In this post I’ll be discussing why the ritual works and what to look out for when performing it, to maximize one’s chances of success.

The following is the ritual in its usual form, divided into a few different sections, followed by a short analysis.


You’ll need Paper, a Pen or Pencil, a place to burn things safely (most normally this will be a fireproof bowl), and a candle. It is highly recommended the ritual is done somewhere that is comfortable and easy to relax in, and that any incense you might decide to use is not distracting. Semen is heavily recommended for the purposes of this ritual over blood. If you decide to use blood anyway, you will need an instrument to draw it. Phallic and sexual symbolism can be used in the environment to heighten the specific focus you’re looking for: generally speaking for most summoners if it makes you think of lust, or it makes you think of love depending on your specific aims, then it will be a good piece to have around you during the ritual.

The most important part of the preparation for this ritual is introspection. You have to understand why you’re summoning to pick out the right intention and emotions. Do you honestly just want to summon an entity for sex? Do you want a long term romantic relationship? These take different focuses, and the content of your letter will wildly change. Tools for introspection, like a journal, are useful for this consideration. You must make sure that what you decide upon is what you really want; professing an intent you don’t really want will either ruin the effect of the ritual due to that conflict, or summon an entity that is looking for something you truly don’t want, which can have negative consequences. It’s important you get this part in particular right; whatever you decide upon will be the emotional focus of the ritual


The Letter Method is a fairly easy ritual to perform.

1. Once the area is set up and the candle is lit, get into a meditative state, beginning to bring the ideas and emotions for summoning to your mind. You can use the candle as a focus point for the meditation, though this isn’t required if you find it easier to meditate in other ways. Ideally a banishing ritual, most commonly the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, should be performed in advance to ensure the area is cleared. The candle in particular will be useful for getting into the state we want to be in for this ritual, due to the relation fire has to sexuality.

2. Once relaxed, bring the ideas and thoughts into your mind that will ultimately make it onto the paper. When these ideas are strongly within your mind, you can begin writing. The letter does not have to be made out to Lilith or any other entity, however making it out to Lilith can be useful if your idea of what she represents is closely related to the reason you’re summoning an entity. Lilith plays no part in summoning a succubus; she doesn’t receive your intent, nor does she send you the succubus. What she represents to you, however, may be a strong engine for focusing on your personal intent; for example, if you view Lilith as a lewd sex demon and want to summon an entity for sex, it will typically be useful to bring her to mind. The resulting entity will receive your intent and respond with no such middle-management. Do not worry about what is actually written on the letter, the contents should be a result of an emotional flow state, and trying to interrupt yourself to adjust things like spelling, sentence structure, or whatever else you’d normally look for when writing will greatly detract from the ritual due to the distraction it causes. The entire point of writing the letter is that it is an effective way to get you to focus on the emotions and intent that are important to you, as well as to consider what you want beforehand.

3. Once finished, with the strong emotions still on your mind, you want to reach orgasm and cum onto the letter. Orgasm is particularly useful for a ritual like this because:
a. It’s sexual. The reason most people summon is for a sexual experience or love-finding, and sex is strongly related to both of these. If you keep your ideas strongly in your head, orgasm will only amplify their strength.
b. Sexuality and the fire element. Your dick is a wand, bruh. That’s not even really a joke, using your dick brings forth ideas of creation and powerful output, because of sexuality’s relation to these things. The phallic nature of actual wands is not a mistake. The creative and explosive force of orgasm is useful in the development of a new, strong relationship, because of the strong correlation between sexuality and the fire element, regardless of the professed intent.
c. The energetic output. You release a lot of energy during orgasm that will naturally latch on to these goals. It’s pretty self explanatory.

~It’s also important to note that, despite what other versions of this ritual say, I do not and will not recommend working with blood. Blood is an ill fit for this ritual. Aside from its symbolism not being appropriate for this ritual, the act of bloodletting is one that brings forth negative emotions (due to pain, among other things) that will immediately conflict with the emotions you should be bringing forth mentally for this ritual. If you can’t get it up during the ritual, use hair; while also not appropriate unless you care about your hair a lot, it’s at least not going to get in the way. You will genuinely see a much higher success rate if you make use of semen because of the nature of what you’re actually doing in this ritual.

4. The letter should be burned, again referencing the fire element. This step also references the nature of what you’re doing; the release of your physical desire into a form that will reach whatever entity is correct for you. The letter will probably not burn well; in case you’re not a rocket scientist, cum and fire don’t mix. Don’t worry about this, it doesn’t matter.

5. Finally, if the entity hasn’t made contact with you yet (if she has it will be most likely during steps 3 and 4), go ahead and clean up. If she has I won’t blame you for putting that off. In any case, if you plan on performing a banishing, do it afterwards; if you do get a result it’s easy to make a mental exception for them when banishing. It’s also fairly common for her to make contact when you’ve finished and laid down somewhere comfortable, especially if you are meditating while laying down.

It may take time for her to make contact, so it’s recommended the ritual only be performed on occasion. There’s a million reasons why an entity you’ve never interacted with before may have issues interacting with you, so patience is a virtue. Normally if you don’t get results during the ritual, it’s smart to keep an eye out for a few weeks for signs or signals from the entity. If nothing has happened in a month or two, it may be time for a repeat.


The Letter Method, like all rituals, is often more useful when the user actually understands what the process is for. There is nothing in this ritual that is inherently required or invaluable to the results: succubi, for example, clearly don’t care about candles, and letters, and burning things. The idea that your hastily written, shitty letter is being read by some entity is, thankfully, not true. So what does the ritual do then?

The ritual, through its methods, gets you to focus on an emotion in an exceptionally strong way; releasing a lot of energy and intent outward. The intent being narrowed down, the entity that comes to you will be responding to the needs professed. This has several advantages. First it means that things that are important to you will typically be important to the entity that arrives, as that will be part of your intent. If you’re looking for a dedicated, loyal, loving partner, then you will find an entity that will be looking for the same things, and contain the traits you want of her. This doesn’t mean she’ll be perfect, of course; no individual is, entity or human. It does, however, mean that she won’t waste your time and want things that you can’t provide or offer things you don’t want. You put forth what matters to you, you find someone who’s looking for something similar.

This is why it’s very important you introspect and truly understand what you want. If you don’t, then it’s easy to have a conflicting intent, which will either cause the whole thing to fail, or for you to summon an entity you weren’t looking for. If you get haunted this is probably the reason. Bloodletting is dangerous for this reason: the emotions pain and blood bring out are at odds with the strong love or lust-based emotions that you’re trying to bring out when performing the ritual. Not only does this greatly lessen your relevant output, it also actively attracts entities looking to prey on you.

In summary, the letter method is an effective ritual for finding a spirit lover because of how it is designed. Its simplicity makes it easy to approach, which is why it’s fairly popular with people just getting into these circles, and it’s very adaptable to other purposes. The facets of the ritual are very effective at bringing out the desired emotional intent, without being exceptionally prohibitive to perform due to tool recommendations or other requirements. This is why it’s considered an effective, approachable choice.

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4 thoughts on “The Letter Method

  1. NEW and IMPROVED succ letter template
    I wish for someone arrogant, someone who’s stubborn. Someone who can be said to be one of the most hardheaded, sarcastic, upbeat people around. Someone who takes pride in being honorable yet will be more than happy to be bluntly critical. Someone who is up for a serious romantic relationship with all 9 yards covered. Someone who would be up to help me grow as an individual, both romantically and spiritually. Someone who will be useless in all of the most important issues yet helpful with the most meaningless. Someone UNIQUE and strange.


  2. If you feel more comfortable with speaking to Naamah instead then write the letter of intent to her. She is an amazing and great Queen and Goddess. Be respectful and kind, and she will assist you.


    1. For sure, and I’d say that’s true for any representative goddess or entity. If you like them and think they apply to the ideas you have for your letter well, writing it ‘to them’ isn’t a bad addition. That’s the great thing about the ritual in general: it’s very customizable to the user’s preferences and goals.


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